Sales Compensation Manager

By automating your commission calculations, we help you take the initiative and lead your organization to a successful, affordable solution.

Maximize Your Sales Operations And Compensation

Sales Compensation Managers play a vital role in the management of sales teams and overall operations of a successful company. You sit in the middle of finance, sales, and human resources, playing a vital role in building the mechanics of a winning compensation strategy.

Performio Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) is designed to make that role a little easier as we give you the tools and analytics to support forecasts of commission costs, understanding and adhering to sales compensation best practices and the data to respond to questions and concerns from your leadership.

By automating your commission plan, from development through execution, we aim to help you take the initiative and lead your organization to a successful, affordable, commission-based sales solution.

Forecast Commission Costs

Performio’s dashboard builder is designed to make every aspect of your operations a little easier. While other ICMs can offer some basic functionality around commission plan automation and sales compensation visibility, you’ll be given the capabilities to forecast commission costs and project your payments as needed.

Together, we’ll ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all payroll submissions as well as compensation disbursements. You’ll also get a thorough walkthrough in managing calculation rules, handling exceptions, reconciling reports and moving everything through the right stakeholders for each payment.

Meeting Sales Compensation Best Practices

The sales force is changing, and that means your compensation packages must adapt to keep people motivated. Commissions can improve your team’s abilities and drive to sell, or it can harm work ethic and strike against the overall motivation your company can generate.

We believe data allows professionals to take a holistic approach to keeping the team engaged and happy with their structure. An incentive plan can be kept alive and kept in check when you can tie changes in commission to changes in performance through direct dashboards. Plus, accurate forecasts of commission costs enable you to allocate proper spending to growth and team development, without having to change a payment structure halfway through a quarter.

Managing a strategy and keeping it in check can be difficult, especially if you’re not consistently updating your database. Automate your commission plan with Performio ICM so you can consistently flex and adjust but stay within the margins important to your business.

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