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Sales Compensation & Sales Commission Tracking Software: Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management

Make every day a game day with our SPM sales tracking software to motivate sales and deliver reports on demand, accurately, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Sales Compensation & Sales Commission Tracking Software: Incentive Compensation Management

Incentive Compensation Management

Automate your incentive compensation process with our ICM software. Guaranteed to save you time, it’s easy to configure and smart enough to handle any commission plan.

Sales Compensation & Sales Commission Tracking Software: Sales Commission Analytics

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Get ahead and stay ahead with sales compensation analytics to design and forecast better sales commissions plans and gain deep insight around pay-for-performance.

Sales Commission Software Valued By Leading Organizations Globally

Performio is the intelligent way to manage and track sales commissions. Our sales commission tracking software is a SaaS system designed for salespeople, implementing best practices to motivate your sales force while eliminating the hidden costs of sales commission incentive management. We even offer multiple software packages to suit different sales team sizes, so your business can thrive no matter the size of your sales team.

What is Sales Commission Software?

Performio Sales Performance Management Software on iPhone X

Sales Performance Management

Motivate The Sales Team

Performio provides the most social and personalized user experience in Sales Performance Management. Salespeople can access their Performio dashboard on any mobile, tablet or desktop device to see how they are tracking against quota. They can drill into the detail of how much their sales compensation earned. Proving transparency and access to this performance data keeps salespeople motivated to perform at their best.

Value for Money

Performio consistently delivers our customers with the fastest “time to value” through our Smart Implementation Program. Designed to ensure you enjoy a smooth onboarding experience. Performio’s unique SPM configurable architecture means you can be confident your specific requirements and processes will be automated. There are no limits with Performio.

High Security

Performio’s sales commission software runs on Amazon Web Services, which delivers the highest level of security for your data. In addition to a great platform, Performio’s military-grade encryption is used to provide a secure cloud-based sales commission solution compliant with Bank and Financial institutions‘ requirements.

Incentive Compensation Management

Save Time

Performio for Incentive Compensation Management typically reduces operational costs by more than 75% for our clients. Clients save time by eliminating hidden costs such as managing formulas in excel spreadsheets and opaque processes. Those savings don’t even include the shadow accounting done by salespeople when they don’t trust the data. With Performio, you will become more productive and spend less time on repetitive tasks. Let Performio do the grunt work.

Save Money

No company wants to admit this, but inaccurate sales commission processes cost a lot of money. Overpayments and recalculations cost businesses big bucks. As an ICM, Performio performs sales commission calculations accurately and creates an auditable paper trail for each financial period. Performio is also ASC 606 compliant.

Consultative Approach

Performio uses an agile project management approach, giving clients control of each stage of the sales commission software rollout. Our unique approach offers stakeholders the opportunity to reflect and adapt Performio to ensure it delivers what they need from an ICM.

Performio Sales Compensation Analytics Software on iPads


Business Insight

See how your sales compensation program is tracking to budget, compare month on month or year on year, view which salespeople have reached their quota, and learn how much sales commission is costing you per product sold. Performio sales commission analytics software is based on actual sales data to support solid decision-making.

Data Driven Decisions

Performio’s sales commission analytics provide valuable information for setting quotas and updating sales incentive plans. You can use real data to determine the pay for performance distribution curve, check how different incentive plans are tracking to budget and view the trend of commission paid over any given period.

Automated Alerts

It’s too late to analyze sales performance and commission paid at the end of the financial year. Performio’s programmed alerts let senior executives know which way sales and commissions are trending, so they have the data they need to make the best decisions.

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Why Automate Sales Commission?

Sales commissions are rarely straightforward. Most companies use complex commission formulas that employ multiple pieces of information, so the incentive more closely matches the value of the sale. This complexity can make sales compensation challenging to manage and track, especially in high-volume sales environments. Too often, companies under or over-pay their salespeople, costing them time, money and the trust of their sales associates.

While many companies get around these difficulties by employing large commissions departments, this option is hardly realistic for most. That’s why people turn to Performio’s sales commission software.

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Why Us?

You can rely on Performio’s sales commission software to handle all your unique business rules and commission plans across all sales channels. And what makes Performio stand out is the ability to accurately measure performance for people and teams in complex sales businesses. Performio can handle anything you can throw at it – especially those tricky requirements that get too hard for other products.

With Performio, you maximize your business’ accuracy and productivity, all at a surprisingly affordable price. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses boost their performance and kickstart their growth, and we can do the same for you. Get started with a demonstration today.

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