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Quickly get smart, reliable dashboards that offer audit capabilities and governance checks before a commission achieves verified status.

Commissions Help Make HR The Hero

You know you can retain talent with a rewards program that accurately conveys the value each sale brings to your company. Boost sales team morale by discovering where you can enhance incentives and make commission programs simple to understand and track.

Get rid of the talent acquisition and retention challenges by shining a light on the potential for every position at your firm. Performio Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) software makes it easy for you to motivate everyone and reward high sales performance with a clear commissions program and a fast way to verify and pay out those commissions.

There’s no need to wait weeks or months thanks to a smart, reliable dashboard that offers audit capabilities and governance checks before a commission achieves verified status.

Keep High Performers In Sales

One of the biggest challenges for any HR team is to keep their top talent, especially when those sales members operate on commission. There is always the call of potential, and that may become too distracting if your stars feel under appreciated.

Show your team members exactly what they are worth and boost sales team morale by making commissions clear and direct, with a dashboard that always highlights their next potential level or reach their goal for even greater rewards.

Learn Where To Help

The other side of HR is making the best use of your resources. Training and compliance issues are common with sales teams, but you don’t want to put senior leaders and top sellers through the basics, or they can get bored and dissatisfied.

Performio ICM provides you with a clear understanding of sales quotas and who is coming in above or below those numbers. We make it easy for you to tailor follow-ups, training, disciplinary action and more based specifically on the numbers being produced. Plus, we allow your sales team to see their data and understand how they are performing for the current period.

Empower your team with the data to know when they need to dig a little deeper or to see what new benefits they’ve unlocked thanks to their hard work. Deliver your top incentive compensation process with simpler management and easy inclusion of all stakeholders, from direct managers to finance and C-suite leaders, so company goals are always put first.

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Effectively prioritize your channels and map out incentive compensation management processes to easily understand commissions, as well as benchmarks against goals.

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Our platform helps you visualize trends and analyze existing sales data to create a proper understanding of commissions vs. budget.

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