Our platform helps you visualize trends and analyze existing sales data to create a proper understanding of commissions vs. budget.

Keep Budgets On Track With Automated Sales Commission Audits

You demand accurate payments from customers, and your leadership demands accurate payments and understanding of costs from you. Don’t disappoint or miss projections by incorrectly calculating and estimating commissions for your next quarter.

It’s time for one of the most powerful sales commission audit tools on the market: Performio Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) software. Our platform helps you visualize trends and analyze existing sales data to create a proper understanding of commissions vs. budget, so you know if you’re offering enough, have room to grow commissions or should pull back based on advanced metrics like customer lifetime value.

Accurate Data Right When You Need It

Boost your abilities to calculate accurate commissions, overpayments, and other special characteristics by choosing a dashboard that lays out everything against past periods and quarters, historical quotes, current efforts and much more.

With a powerful architecture designed specifically to support sales teams and commission models, we take an upfront approach to delivering analytics on your company, your finances and what competitors are doing that you may need to understand.

Use Performio Sales Performance Management (SPM) dashboards to see where your company is growing and look beyond basic commissions to understand star salespeople, lucrative markets, cost overruns and the other core elements of your business that can be directly represented and easily visualized thanks to smart use of your data.

A More Powerful Sales Commission Audit

Performio ICM creates a robust audit trail of all commissions earned with metrics beyond the basic who and when. Automate a complex incentive compensation management process based on historical preferences and performance so you can see exactly what your costs should be.

We help financial analysts, managers and budget hawks keep payroll accurate, making commission overpayment a thing of the past. No more hunting for data, docking pay, holding uncomfortable conversations about why things are changing or having a system that is easy to game.

You get one unified audit trail that continually updates and makes compensation management practices easier and more reliable, creating a better understanding of your budget at any given moment.

The commission vs. budget equation never needs to be a guessing game again.

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The best way for you to increase sales performance is to know where you stand and have an accurate, transparent understanding of your commissions.

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Make reporting, tracking, visualization, and sharing easier so you’re always in control and know who is taking your company to the next level.

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