About Performio

In 2006, Performio was established as one of Australia’s first enterprise software applications in the cloud. Since then, we have self-funded the development of our software, implementation and customer success team. We are now Australia’s number one SaaS SPM / ICM vendor, leading the charge for driving high-performance culture through sales incentives.

What Drives Us?

Our team at Performio is 100% committed to delivering the best sales performance management software to organizations serious about growth. We believe in the power of pay for performance and that salespeople should be held accountable for driving sales. We also think that they should be rewarded accurately and appropriately when they succeed. If the majority of companies are still running incentive compensation on the back of spreadsheet applications, this can not happen. Serious businesses don’t use Excel to manage payroll for their employees. So why should sales compensation be any different?

High performing sales teams deserve a high-performance solution. We continually improve our software with this in mind. Performio provides a solution aligned with today’s sales force and enterprise objectives. Easy to use SPM software that motivates salespeople to earn rewards and commission. Enterprise-grade ICM technologies deployed in hours, not days. An onboarding program followed by a customer success plan to make sure we’re proving your organization value form the first demo and throughout the life of the contract.

The Board

Remuneration & Benefit Visionaries

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall MD & Co-Founder

    David Marshall is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Performio. A seasoned sales compensation strategist and skilled ICM software specialist, David helps sales organizations improve performance and growth by showing them how to effectively deploy the best incentive and compensation plan strategies to drive desired sales results. David has 20+ years’ experience in the field and has successfully developed and implemented incentive compensation plan strategies form SMEs to enterprise clients in diverse sectors. He is passionate about providing a smooth customer experience for businesses to drive high-performance sales culture through better sales compensation results.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Founding Director

    David Jackson is a performance model expert and arguably one of Australia’s leading experts in sales incentives and employee recognition framework design. David has a strong background in innovative technology development and his expertise in the field has led the creation of many of the best performance models adopted by some of the world’s most successful companies. He also spearheaded the development of Solterbeck’s innovative suite of technology solutions. David currently provides advisory support at Performio and is responsible for the development of business strategy.

  • Sue Jackson  
    Sue Jackson   Founding Director

    Sue Jackson is a Founding Director of Performio and the Executive Chairman of Solterbeck. A renowned sales expert with over 25 years of industry experience, she consults for companies looking for effective ways to increase sales and revenue growth. Sue is also an experienced business strategist and employee performance consultant. She currently directs business strategy and direction at Performio.

Message from CEO
“At Performio, we are developing the stand-out incentive compensation SaaS for companies serious about driving a high-performance sales culture. Through our commitment to measuring performance and reward sales teams, we motivate people to strive for peak performance. Performio means your salespeople can track their performance and their commission earnings on any device, any time, anywhere. Moreover, Performio does a great job of handling all unique data and business logic challenges – those enterprise requirements that other products can’t handle. So, if you are still running your sales commissions on spreadsheets – there’s now a much better way to do it in the cloud with Performio. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to schedule a demo or start a trial of the product.”
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