Smart Implementation Program

We run a four-phase implementation program for sales performance management implementations with Performio.

4 Phase Sales Compensation Automation Implementation Program


Phase 1

We use a Performio sandbox to prototype the essential requirement categories and clarify requirements. During this phase, we will work with you to finalize all your functional requirements. By using the sandbox, we can better define your requirements and the solution design needed to support these.

Sales Compensation & Sales Commission Tracking Software: ICM configuration

Phase 2

We do a revision of the functional requirements and the solution design in the sandbox. Based on this review, we finalize the most elegant design for your pre-production site. Based on the learnings and design from Phase ONE, we can set up the Pre Production site and have use cases tested for all the essential requirement categories, including commission plan types.

Incentive Compensation Management On-Boarding Program

Phase 3

This phase’s focus is onboarding your Incentive Compensation Management Administrator on the Pre Production site. On-the-job training means you use the product to load up all participants to the site as well as setting up and allocating all plans and targets/quotas. You will also learn how to build out the reporting suite and user experience for all system users/participants.

Sales Compensation & Sales Commission Tracking Software: Analytics cost of compensation
Go Live

Phase 4

The implementation is complete at the end of Phase 3. In practice, we understand that customers need extra support to Go Live with the solution so we budget in additional support hours for both this effort and any assistance needed in the initial months Our goal is to help you get the most out of the solution. Performio provides an online knowledge base and customer specific training videos to make this experience as productive as possible.

Performio Incentive Compensation Management Software on iPad with Keyboard

Agile Program Documentation

Performio’s implementation methodology draws inspiration from “Agile” project management principles and tools. Our program methodology is designed to deliver these benefits for our customers:

  • Fast Time-to-Value
  • Optimal investment of customer time in the project
  • Elegant solution design that leverages product fit to ensure future support needs are light
  • Effective onboarding of customer administrator(s) so they can self-manage

Agile does not mean “no documentation”; it means we strive to develop a lean set of documents to streamline the customer experience and maximize efficiencies. Our documentation is concise and accessible. The benefit for our customers is that they can quickly and easily understand the requirements and check that these requirements are comprehensive and aligned with their business needs.

Guiding Principles

Don’t Document The Wheel

This means that we don’t normally describe in detail your functional requirements that are met “out of the box” by Performio’s product feature sets.

What we will do is document a detailed list of all your requirements so you can check off solution delivery.

For example: “Help customer set up a detailed checklist to document all administrator steps to be executed at month end.”

We will document this as a requirement to be delivered. We won’t be wasting anybody’s time writing out what we think will be in that checklist or specifying the functionality of the Task Manager in Performio. What will be defined is our assistance in setting up your list and the specific number of hours dedicated to this assistance.

Our online knowledge base includes extensive documentation. The functionality described in this documentation is included in our warranty. We don’t intend to attempt to repeat it in your requirements document.

Performio Incentive Compensation Management Software on iMac Pro

Unique Requirements

Write detailed specifications for functional requirements that are unique to your program. Typically, these requirements will include:

  • Your data
  • Your custom logic for calculating sales performance concerning your information
  • Your custom plan rules for calculating payments
  • Examples of your mandatory reports

Note that where your business logic is standard / industry best practice – we will list these requirements – we won’t go into detail on how the condition will be met.

The document is designed to communicate a clear scope of work to be delivered. We believe in the power and simplicity of checklists to track deliverables. Unique and custom requirements will require detailed documentation of requirements and user stories.

Program Documentation – Other Elements

In addition to the Functional Requirements, your program document will also include:

  1. Business Requirements
  2. Solution Design Outline
  3. Test Plans
  4. Data Conversion Plan
  5. Program Timeline

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