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You can’t afford to wait until the end of the financial year to analyze sales performance. By then, it’s too late to do anything about it. Performio’s analytics provide insightful data to support evidence-based decision-making throughout the year. Drill down into the data to obtain insights into how sales incentive plans are performing and who has achieved quota, as well as alert executives when sales and commissions are trending up or down against budget.
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Evaluate Sales Incentive Programs

Discover the factors influencing your sales incentive program and gain perspective on the performances of your sales team, which you can filter by territory, individual and department. Adapt your plans to motivate your staff and boost your ROI to new levels.

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Learn Sales Team Motivations

Measure user adoption rates in real-time, plus uncover what inspires your sales team to reach the top of your leaderboard. Track performance across roles, compensation plans, regions and more to further drive your company’s high-performance culture.

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Combat Sales Performance Trends

Respond to upward and downward trends in an instant with alerts from our solution. With in-depth data from our smart software, you can target the cause of positive or negative sales and react with data-based evidence.

Sales Compensation Analytics Software Valued By Leading Organizations Globally

Since Performio was launched in 2006, it has calculated over $300 million in commission payments for hundreds of corporations, saving more than 500,000 administration hours. You can be confident it’s tried and tested.

Benefits of Sales Commission Analytics

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Make Better Decisions

Performio’s sales compensation analytics provide the evidence needed to evaluate any sales incentive program critically. Sales Compensation Analysts can be confident they’re making informed decisions. They’ll be able to track how each sales’ contribution to the salesperson’s remuneration and reward. Gain insight to which salespeople are achieving quota. Compare performance by territory, team, salesperson over any period. Identify the cost of commissions paid per product compared to the budgeted cost of sale. Analytics helps businesses understand the return on investment from their sales incentive programs.

Easy To Understand

You don’t need to be a master statistician to use Performio’s sales compensation analytics. Data is displayed in easy to read graphics on a dashboard. With a simple click, you can drill down into the numbers behind the graphics. Start with a company-wide view and delve into specifics such as sales and commission paid by product, territory, team or individual salesperson. Enterprise users can configure their dashboard to show the relevant data they need to make informed decisions.

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Minimize Risks

Use Performio’s Analytics to alert senior executives if sales results trend upwards or downwards against budget or previous years. Users can drill down into the data to find out what is happening by territory, product and down to individual salesperson level. If sales are going well, senior executives can act early to capitalize on opportunities. If sales are declining, Performio analytics provides detailed information to support decision-making before it is too late.

Best Practices

Performio’s sales compensation analytics provide detailed information so you can create your sales incentive plan and quotas with confidence. Track the ability of your sales force to hit quota by identifying how many individual salespeople are above target and compare to the overall performance. See what aspects of your sales compensation management process is working and what is not, so you know what elements to carry forward into the next plan.

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Key Analytics Features



Determine whether or not your business is paying for performance by viewing how tightly achieving quota is correlated to the total commission paid. You can drill into the data for outliers to understand why some sales people sit outside the normal pay curve.

Analyze trends

Analyze trends

Performio will show you the trend of commission paid over any given time period. You can filter any reports by date, group, team, role, sales incentive plan, and status within all dashboards.  Gain even deeper insight by analyzing components of your plan by products and services. Set alerts for senior executives to investigate significant increases or decreases in commission paid.

Month on month

Month on month

See how sales people are performing this year compared to last year to uncover any potential performance issues. You can set up automated alerts to senior executives if there is a significant increase or reduction in sales for the same period last year.

Performance to budget

Performance to budget

See how the business is tracking to budget, with additional data on which participants are above or below budget and any changes. You can set up automated alerts to senior executives if there is a significant increase or reduction in sales for the same period last year.

User activity

User activity

A key measure of ROI for rolling out new software is making sure people are using it. Performio allows you to track user logins and gives you the ability to focus on areas that need more work. View the adoption trend and see whether specific campaigns increase usage, who is looking at their performance data and which groups need attention.

Plan performance

Plan performance

Use Performio’s sales incentive plan analytics tool to determine the distribution curve for performance and pay in your sales team. This reporting is used to determine how different incentive plans are tracking to budget and if there is a correlation between user adoption and performance.

Quotas & targets

Quotas & targets

Track the ability of your sales force to hit target by identifying how many individual salespeople are above target and compare those results to the overall performance. Comparing the two can provide insight into how realistic the targets are. Set up alerts in case any metrics drop below the threshold.

Cost of commission

Cost of commission

Calculate the cost of commissions per component (e.g. by product) to see the real cost of commission and how it compares against budgeted cost of sale. Use cost of sale by channel data to understand the cost of your go to market strategy and use this information to reduce your customer acquisition costs.



Use Performio’s survey tool to get feedback from sales people about their incentive plan and whether or not it motivates them. Responses from survey participants are anonymous, as the system intelligently allows for a one-time entry without logging the user identity. Different questions can be distributed to users based on their permissions status.

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