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Gain transparency, configure new plans, and get insights from your data with sales commission management, incentive compensation management, and sales data science.

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About Performio

A new breed of sales compensation software that combines the enterprise-grade functionality you need with the ease of use you’ve come to expect from modern software applications. We’ve saved more than 500,000 administrative hours and calculated more than a billion dollars in commissions.

Calculate. Compensate. Cultivate.

Easily and quickly calculate sales commissions, keep your sales team happier and motivated, and gain insights from data to help you make evidence-based decision making.

Motivate sales team

Sales Performance Management

Manage your sales team’s performance in one robust platform: detailed reporting on metrics, dispute resolution capabilities, approval workflows, incentive plan acceptance, sales team leaderboards, and more. Gain access to easy-to-read dashboards from any device to see how they’re performing.

Eliminate Hassle

Incentive Compensation Management

Automatically calculate sales commissions with a few clicks. Build new compensation plans and add new participants on the fly, without calling in professional services. Audit logs automatically keep track of calculation or adjustments, making it easier for you to monitor for compliance.

Actionable Insights

Sales Data Science

Get the real-time data to calculate sales commissions accurately and gain the information you need to make fact-based decisions. Integrate with all major financial, CRM, and HRM data sources. Import, manipulate, and transform your raw source data—from as many sources as you need.

Enterprise-grade features

Improve your commission accuracy, publish transparent reports, integrate data with Salesforce, create plan rules, forecast, and more. 


Connect your CRM, ERP, and HRIS to Performio and start automating sales compensation processes.

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Chat as Workflow

Get payments approved fast and accurately with our sophisticated hierarchies and job role access. Reduce costs and risks; keep your sales team focused on sales.

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Commission Overrides

Our override feature provides incentive compensation management (ICM) administrators a trackable way of handling disputed cases and edge situations.

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Custom Tables

Our custom tables make uploading your sales commission data to an incentive compensation management SaaS easier than ever.

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Dynamic sales performance dashboards display payment and performance data based on a user’s role in the organization.

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With Performio sales comp professionals and analysts, you can forecast any value, any result, any achievement percentage, virtually anything.

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Participant Sync

Performio’s Participant Sync helps streamline user integration for employees and channel partners for automated sales compensation management.

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ICM administrators have full access to the reporting capabilities to create reports and manage which ones are published to which end users.

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Automate the most underrated part of sales commission and performance management, sales crediting, and rollups.

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Task Manager

Never underestimate the power of a checklist. Performio provides the ability to document processes within the ICM administration interface.

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Uncompromising difference

Errors are minimized. Salespeople stay motivated. Your commissions team is not burdened with adjustments.

Intuitive user interface

Performio’s user interface is as intuitive as it is beautiful. It’s ease of use encourages rapid user adoption—at the office or via smartphone. Easy-to-read dashboards graphically show each salesperson their completed sales, commissions earned, and even leaderboard status. Salespeople are able to drill down for more detail. Reporting is transparent and commission calculations accurate—no matter how complicated the plan.

Flexible reporting on the fly

Performio is designed to allow you to add new columns to existing reports, entirely new reports, or even new plan rules. All without having to rely on additional help from us or your IT department. Easily configure reports on the fly, all viewable from our mobile app, no matter how complex the plan.

Improve team performance

Inspire teamwork and a high-performance culture with accurate and transparent commission calculations, fewer errors, and insightful analytics. Easy-to-read, graphically pleasing dashboard motivate salespeople by showing their completed sales, commissions earned, and even their ranking within the sales force.

Easy tailored to fit your company

Performio easily absorbs your data no matter what form it’s in. There’s no need to waste time or money to conform your data to fit our software. Our solution works great as is right out of the box. Or you can easily configure it to fit your company’s unique comp plans and specific needs. The result? Ludicrously fast and smooth implementations.

Enterprise-grade features

Our enterprise-grade features let you easily configure the most complicated plans and formulas. Create new plans with confidence based on historical performance. Generate reports on the fly. Be able to easily scale whether for 50, 500, or 5,000 employees.

Eliminate calculation errors

Our robust feature set lets you handle the most complex plans. Set up precisely what you need to have happen to have commissions calculated down to the very last detail. Reduce commission calculation errors and the time, effort, and cost it takes to correct them. Eliminate the pain and hassle of managing your sales commission process.

Don't take our word for it

Here’s what our customers are saying

“Performio ticked all our boxes from reporting to scalability and ease of use. We could understand it right out of the box and make changes ourselves without having to customize it. Performio is automatically upgraded on a regular basis. When we rolled it out to all of our salespeople across all groups, we didn’t have to do any additional training because it was that easy to understand.”

Nicole Horan, Finance Business Partner - Retail Channels

Vodafone Australia

“Performio’s been great.I’ve told potential clients of Performio how great the system’s been. How engaged and responsive they are, and that they can they can move mountains for you if you need it. We’ve really, I think, created something that didn’t exist before.”

Michael Van Horn, Director of Regional Business Managers

Nexstar Media Group