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Salesforce Integration?

Yes, we have Salesforce Integration within Performio. We integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud in a number of ways. For example:

  • We provide “single sign on” to Salesforce Sales Cloud users.
  • We also can set up data integration (we have a connector that syncs all opportunity records)
Can it handle complicated calculations from multiple data sources?

Yes! Virtually any complex scenario we have come across works. Our system was designed to import raw data from any source (e.g. IMS, ex factory, C&F data, targets, HRIS data, etc), transform the gathered data to run calculations, and distribute results through dashboards, reports, emails, PDFs, etc.

It allows administrators to precisely control and manage the entire sales incentive program, allowing for more time evaluating results and automating manual processes.

What do we have to do to get ready to start?

You don’t need to get anything ready. All we need from you is the data that you are already using (in excel or whatever). We put it into Performio and show you how it works.

How can this fit when it isn’t in my budget?

Our experience tells us, that not many clients have budgeted for something they didn’t know previously existed. Which is why we help you with the business case to get approval from your company. Nearly every company requires an internal business case, so we are with you every step of the way.

What Dashboards come standard?

As part of on boarding, Performio will help configure up to 3 dashboards e.g. MTD, QTD, YTD. We also provide the necessary training to allow clients to create additional dashboards and make updates to existing ones.

How experienced is your team?

We have deep expertise within our team. Many of our staff have worked in ICM for more than 10 years.

We make sure our clients are getting the best advice from the right people, without having to pay “BIG4” rates or bloated professional service fees for service. We promise a “grown ups only” guarantee. That means you don’t deal with recently hired graduates and the like. Account managers assist several clients, almost becoming part of your team and have the full support of our own implementation, production and sales team.

Why are there license fees?

We invest license fees into ongoing product development and upgrades.

The cost savings alone should clearly outstrip the license fees. We are also very competitive compared to similar services in the SPM & ICM market. All our clients save money in at least two ways using our sales commission software:

1.) The direct and visible costs, such as labour (particularly around manual handling) are reduced.

2.) Hidden costs such as double book keeping, consequences of mistakes such as miscalculations are completely eliminated.

On top of that, you can expect performance improvement thru the improved transparency and accountability that the sales commission software will drive.

How secure is it?

We take security very seriously which is why we offer PGP encryption, “The closest you’re likely to get to military-grade encryption”. Our product is used by some of world’s largest and technologically advanced organizations. We’ve met the IT security requirements of banks, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications companies. Its safe to say, very secure.

Are commission splits & overrides easy to manage?

We have an overrides feature set built specifically for this case (it’s not uncommon!). A systems administrator cab enter individual adjustments or if there is a number of adjustments, a bulk upload can be used to enter the changes required.

Is our information safe?

Our business is aligned to the ISO 27001 standard, your data is securely saved in a private cloud and we have a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) ready to be signed.

What is HCM and HRIS?

HCM = Human Capital Management. HRIS = Human Resources Information System.

Where’s the manual?

We provide on/off-site support & training. There will be show & tell sessions as the solution is built, keeping everyone in the loop on what’s going on. There is also a dedicated account manager with allocated support hours for post implementation support. Support documentation can be found here.

We’re about to switch a system, will you support the new one?

Chances are yes! We have a built-in ETL tool. So if anything changes up/downstream of Performio, you can easily adjust how the data will be imported/exported within Performio and everything will continue to work seamlessly.

Can we host it ourselves?

This is an Enterprise Edition only feature we typically do not recommend. In most cases it will be substantially more expensive, with little to no benefits and does not constituted as a best business practice. We always recommend hosting it in the cloud, as you gain all the benefits of economies of scale; better performance at a lower cost.

What is UAT?

User Acceptance Testing; this is where you sign off that the scope of work has been delivered as documented.

Are services paid up front?

Services are invoiced at the commencement of the project.

Where does your software fit in?

Like a new team member, Performio will “work” with other existing operating platforms. This means that you don’t need any modifications/adjustments to existing systems. Let Performio gather that data and the results will be delivered. We have a built in ETL within the product so there is no risk that you can’t integrate.

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