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Meet the executive team behind the standout sales commissions & incentive compensation software for companies who are serious about driving a high-performance culture.

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall MD & Co-Founder

    David Marshall is the Managing Director and Co-founder of Performio. A seasoned sales compensation strategist and skilled ICM software specialist, David helps sales organizations improve performance and growth by showing them how to effectively deploy the best incentive and compensation plan strategies to drive desired sales results. David has 20+ years’ experience in the field and has successfully developed and implemented incentive compensation plan strategies form SMEs to enterprise clients in diverse sectors. He is passionate about providing a smooth customer experience for businesses to drive high-performance sales culture through better sales compensation results.

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Founding Director

    David Jackson is a performance model expert and arguably one of Australia’s leading experts in sales incentives and employee recognition framework design. David has a strong background in innovative technology development and his expertise in the field has led the creation of many of the best performance models adopted by some of the world’s most successful companies. He also spearheaded the development of Solterbeck’s innovative suite of technology solutions. David currently provides advisory support at Performio and is responsible for the development of business strategy.

  • Sue Jackson  
    Sue Jackson   Founding Director

    Sue Jackson is a Founding Director of Performio and the Executive Chairman of Solterbeck. A renowned sales expert with over 25 years of industry experience, she consults for companies looking for effective ways to increase sales and revenue growth. Sue is also an experienced business strategist and employee performance consultant. She currently directs business strategy and direction at Performio.

  • Andrew Price
    Andrew Price Director of Customer Experience

    Andrew Price is the Director of Customer Experience at Performio. For the past 10 years, Andrew has successfully led the client services team in the delivery of exceptional customer service to our clients locally and internationally. The success of his team has led to better customer engagement, improved customer experience, and higher customer retention. Andrew is an excellent communicator and a renowned people management expert. He combines these skills with an in-depth understanding of incentive compensation management to provide a rich customer experience; this has grown to become one of the hallmarks of our brand at Performio.

  • Marc Fasel
    Marc Fasel Technical Director

    Marc Fasel is a coding specialist and a talented lead software developer with an experiential background in enterprise application development. With 20+ years of experience in software development, Marc has developed high-performance enterprise applications for top brands like Cole and Sensis and also worked with top international clients including BASF, Generali, and The European Patent Office. Marc is currently Technical Director at Performio. He oversees software design/development and his team is responsible for developing new features for the company’s software solutions.

  • Bryan Philips
    Bryan Philips Marketing & Sales Operations Manager

    Bryan Phillips is Performio’s Marketing and Sales Operations Manager. He is responsible for developing the company’s marketing strategy and his wealth of experience in Sales and Marketing combined with his passion for technology has helped the company solidify market share in current local and global markets. His marketing strategies have helped the business enjoy a strong brand presence in new markets. Bryan manages the business’ communication across all channels for new and existing client relationships; his communication proficiency has helped modernize operations and effectually communicate value proposition at Performio.

  • Carol Caldwell
    Carol Caldwell Sales Director, USA

    Carol Caldwell is the Sales Director for Performio, USA division. With over a decade of software sales experience and a rich, diverse background in the corporate sector, Carol brings a different approach to Sales at Performio. From her days as an Account Executive at IBM to serving as an Account Executive at Yoi, a human capital SaaS startup and, founding her own technology company, Carol has consistently kept a track record of success. Today, Carol helps improve the customer experience at Performio; she understands the challenges of prospective customers and is able to help them get the best use of their product purchases by demonstrating how our products can effectively serve the needs of their businesses. She holds a Bachelor’s and Masters’ Degree in Business Administration.

  • James Porter
    James Porter Sales Director, APAC

    James Porter is an experienced sales strategist and customer experience expert with a background in Media sales. He is Performio’s APAC Sales Director and he is responsible for improving client engagement, customer experience, and business-client relationships. A skilled communicator and an experienced sales leader, James knows how to get things done and is consistently focused on delivering results for the business and value for the customer.

  • Christina Agathangelou
    Christina Agathangelou Customer Experience Manager

    Christina Agathangelou is Performio’s APAC Customer Experience Manager. She has a strong background in incentive compensation management for Telecommunications and is the go-to person for all things telecommunications-related. Christina is skilled with numbers and her energetic and vibrant personality helps her connect easily to the needs of her clients. Her ability to deliver exactly what the customer wants is why she has an enviable track record as one the best customer relationship experts at Performio.

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