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Our sales commission software is easy to use, motivates salespeople, helps leaders make better decisions, with smarts to tackle complex compensation plans.

30,000+ people use Performio, including:

Performio is the intelligent way to manage and track sales commissions. Our sales commission tracking software is a SaaS system designed for salespeople, implementing best practices to motivate your sales force while eliminating the hidden costs of sales commission incentive management. We even offer multiple software packages to suit different sales team sizes, so your business can thrive no matter the size of your sales team.

Improve Sales Performance With Software Built For Value


Managing commission payments using spreadsheets is complex and doesn’t give your sales team access to transparent reports.

Performio reduces administration time, cuts hidden costs and motivates your salespeople to perform.


“What if” scenario calculator
Dashboards and reports
Point and click set up
Mobile responsive design


Pay commissions with confidence. Manual calculations are prone to human error.

Performio commission software automates calculations, easily manages complex commissions plans and changes to sales territories and accounts. Managers and salespeople can track their performance against targets.


Extensive library of calculations
Automated commission calculations
Integration with CRM & HRIS
Audit and compliance checks


Performio can handle complex commission plans with ease.

It can crunch raw sales data to produce commission payments and reports for a variety of sales roles. You and your sales team will have information at your fingertips to make data-driven decisions.


Monitor the cost of compensation
Flexible data model
Track performance to quota
Compare month-on-month performance
Trend analysis


  • “Performio has been excellent to work with. They have met our expectations at the administrator and end-user level and worked to deploy key functionality quickly and efficiently. The Sales Team love it. I highly recommend Performio to any company looking at streamlining sales commissions reporting.”

    Steve Contellis
    Steve Contellis Johnson & Johnson / Manager - Sales Operations
  • “Using Performio makes it easy for us to manage internal sign-off processes and maintain the quality and integrity of our data going in and the reporting coming out. The payroll data accuracy is very precise and completely reliable.”

    Sales Force Effectiveness Leader
    Sales Force Effectiveness Leader Pharmaceutical Company
  • "Performio is a great product with excellent support and it is now a key part of our sales management process"

    Mark Healy
    Mark Healy Global Payments / Managing Director AU/NZ

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