Performio software updates

Release notes for Performio Sales Performance Management, Incentive Compensation Management, and Analytics software. Find out what’s new and how these features will help you drive a high-performance sales culture. Previous release notes for Version 5 and Version 4 are also available.

Performio Release Notes

Version 6.11.1

Salesforce Importers can now be defined with a filter criteria based on multiple fields, allowing Administrators to only import the data that matters.

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Version 6.10.5

Introducing the new and improved Advanced Delete Transform with the ability to filter data to be deleted, and the Period Number is available as a Global Result of a calculation run.

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Version 6.10.4

With this release, we have made it easier for Administrators to link a new User Account or existing User Account with no Participant, to a Participant record.

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Version 6.10.3

With this release we have made the Results page more user-friendly with tabs and filtering. Administrators now have more control on what fields are available for further processing.

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Version 6.10.2

Participant Attributes have ‘Enable’ flag so they can be archived when no longer needed. Payable Component can be easily linked to a Target Component.

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Version 6.10.1

We have made it easier to add a Leader Board by auto generating the Result Fields, and tweaked the drop-downs for Participant Values.

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Version 6.10

Sales Comp Administrators can how import Salesforce files via the scheduler and jump to the Admin view from the Payee’s view.

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Version 6.8.1

New enhancements and improvements for administrators with the introduction of a Copy Transform Data button and introducing Lock Column Headings on Data Tables upon scroll.

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Version 6.8

Custom Table Module Filters, the Manager Switching, and Order Fields on Tables have been enhanced and improved in this release.

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