Performio software updates

Release notes for Performio Sales Performance Management, Incentive Compensation Management, and Analytics software. Find out what’s new and how these features will help you drive a high-performance sales culture. Previous release notes for Version 5 and Version 4 are also available.

Performio Release Notes

Version 6.10.5

Introducing the new and improved Advanced Delete Transform with the ability to filter data to be deleted, and the Period Number is available as a Global Result of a calculation run.

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Version 6.10.4

With this release, we have made it easier for Administrators to link a new User Account or existing User Account with no Participant, to a Participant record.

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Version 6.10.3

With this release we have made the Results page more user-friendly with tabs and filtering. Administrators now have more control on what fields are available for further processing.

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Version 6.10.2

Participant Attributes have ‘Enable’ flag so they can be archived when no longer needed. Payable Component can be easily linked to a Target Component.

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Version 6.10.1

We have made it easier to add a Leader Board by auto generating the Result Fields, and tweaked the drop-downs for Participant Values.

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Version 6.10

Sales Comp Administrators can how import Salesforce files via the scheduler and jump to the Admin view from the Payee’s view.

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Version 6.8.1

New enhancements and improvements for administrators with the introduction of a Copy Transform Data button and introducing Lock Column Headings on Data Tables upon scroll.

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Version 6.8

Custom Table Module Filters, the Manager Switching, and Order Fields on Tables have been enhanced and improved in this release.

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Version 6.7.4

New and exciting enhancements to the Target Component functionality, Participant Inputs, and Filters to the Administration Tables.

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