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Canidium has partnered with Performio to provide assistance
to companies implementing sales performance and
incentive compensation software.

About Canidium

Canidium is a USA based specialist in sales incentive compensation management. Canidium provides professional services covering compensation plan design through to full-scale ICM software implementations. Canidium has over 50 full-time ICM experts who are expert in implementing all the major ICM vendors.

Partnership with Performio

In April 2015, Canidium signed an agreement to implement and support Performio (then PerformanceCentre) in North American markets.

The agreement includes a full-service approach in leading the implementation, aligning the outcomes to the business case and providing system support and account management.

Canidium's Experience Working With Performio

Performio provides an enterprise scale sales ICM software.

In our experience, Performio provides customers with a number of key benefits that compare favorably with other vendors. The administration user experience is intuitive. Our ICM experts can be trained on PerformanceCentre in relatively quick time

The SPM user experience is very intuitive. In our experience, sales people love the ease of use and the info they can get. It doesn’t require any hands-on training.

We have not yet encountered a commission plan scenario that Performio could not handle. The architecture provides a lot of flexibility for customers with special requirements.

We have found that it is relatively fast to set up. Especially system reporting and dashboards.

Performio has a built-in “ETL” capability meaning that you don’t encounter limitations with data integration.

Key Players

Performio Experts at Canidium

  • David Kohari
    David Kohari VP of Strategic Services

    VP, Strategic Services and Customer Success at Canidium. 17 year veteran in SPM with leadership positions at NICE, CallidusCloud, Compensation Technologies, and Accenture.

    Regarded in SPM industry as an expert in strategy, implementation and customer success- focused services. Known for his proficiency in SPM to assess the best solution to fit the customer’s needs.

Demo Performio and see how it makes complex commission payments easy.

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