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Accuracy. Performance. Security. You demand it all in your retail company’s sales commission software and Performio delivers — and then some. Its high-performance features, which range from measurable results in real-time to dependable alerts for trends, make it a solution that’s trusted by the world’s biggest retailers, like Verizon Wireless. And it’s no wonder, considering it has saved more than half a million administrative hours and driven more than $300 million in commission payments.


User-Friendly Interfaces

Performio is optimized for beginning users, with intuitive setups and highly visual dashboards.


Accurate Calculations

Precise commission calculations to drive performance, revenue, and makes resolving disputes simple.


Motivated Sales Teams

Make every day a competition with dashboards and leaderboards based on real-time sales data.

Sales Commission Software for Retail Companies

Every day, you’re testing the accuracy of your manual commission calculations. And with their maze-like algorithms, the risk of error is high. Put an end to it with our commission compensation software for retail stores, which eliminates not only the cost of mistakes but also the time-sink.

By automating your calculation rules, our software-as-a-solution (SaaS) system lets you accurately reward staff, creating a positive workplace that supports your high-performance sales culture. And with our smart analytics, you can also gain insight into what inspires standout staff, discovering new ways to tap into their drive.

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Why Us?

The competition in retail is steep. You need to push your team’s performance, trim your organization’s costs and boost your overall revenue to remain in the pack. And that’s what our cutting-edge sales commission software for retail companies helps you accomplish — but without the high price of typical systems. Ours arrives at an affordable rate. It averages less than one percent of your total commissions, emphasizing our software’s unparalleled return on investment (ROI).

Features that drive that level of ROI include:

  • Trusted calculations: Ensure the accuracy of your commission calculations with our trusted incentive compensation management for retail businesses. Plus, with our simple dashboards, your sales team can review the status and amount of their commissions, as well as resolve any questions or disputes with our time-stamp feature.
  • Efficient performance tracking: Learn the motivations of your sales team, plus receive proactive alerts to sales trends with our commission compensation software for retail stores. Fast notifications for positive and negative sales trends provide your executives the opportunity to react, allowing you to encourage or neutralize a bias.
  • Secure interactions: Safeguard the details of your data through the unparalleled protection of our SaaS system, which offers a 99.95 percent service-level agreement (SLA) by operating through Amazon Web Services. With maximum uptime, your sales team can access their dashboard and leaderboard on any device, anywhere.
  • Scalable solutions: Support your high-performance sales culture with our progressive sales commission software for retail companies. Our solution not only helps your business thrive but also grows alongside it. Plus, its point-and-click setup and intuitive interface make deploying it a simple process, boosting adoption rates.

Your company is smart and trusted by consumers. You’re ready to pull ahead of the competition, though, and with our commission compensation software for retail stores, you can do it with confidence. Our SaaS system delivers actionable, measurable results that let you and your sales team adapt to a changing marketplace — and without sacrificing your quality of service or digging into your overall revenue.

Valued By Leading Organizations Globally

With Performio, your telecommunications company can maximize accuracy and productivity at an affordable price, just like our hundreds of other customers. Businesses of all sizes and industries have discovered improved performance in their sales departments with Performio, and so can your business. Just hear what our other retail customers have to say about our system.

  • "The team at Performio have exceeded our expectations at every turn. Having been through an end to end roll out of their software through many parts of our business, they have consistently delivered and added value to our incentive management process, ensuring we're measuring the right things and rewarding our staff appropriately."

    Ian Calpin
    Ian Calpin Vodafone / Head of Distribution & Regional Expansion
  • “Having Performio to automate our calculations means we can pay commissions correctly with confidence. We have reduced the time we spend on managing commissions each month. Our sales force is more motivated as they can see their numbers tracking clearly against their target.”

    Sales Director
    Sales Director Telecommunications Company

Retail Case Studies

Around the world, retail companies trust our sales commission software. To see why, check out our case studies, which demonstrate the measurable results our software delivers, from reducing costs and boosting revenue to motivating staff and enhancing executive decisions.

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