Agile vs Waterfall Project Process

What is the best way to roll out a new commission management software project?

Watch this video to discover why the Agile project management process is the best way to roll out a new commission management software project.

Hello, I’m David Marshall, the CEO at Performio. Today I’m talking about why we prefer agile project management when we roll out commission management software. I’ll describe the agile versus waterfall process and give a simple example of how we use the agile approach.

But first, what is agile project management and what is waterfall project management? Let’s look at this cartoon to illustrate the point.

Waterfall Approach

Using a waterfall approach, a project is planned upfront in sequential stages from beginning to end. Different departments are represented on the project team but are assigned their own set of tasks and often work separately. The waterfall approach appears clear and simple but as the project flows down the waterfall the wrong assumptions flow with it and no one circles back to check the initial brief.

Agile Approach

Using an agile approach, a project is planned to a certain point but the team expects to test assumptions, gather feedback and adapt the project to make sure it is meeting the customer’s requirements. Each member of the project team has responsibilities but they work more collaboratively and communicate more frequently.

For example, when we roll out a commission management software project, we use the agile approach. We set fortnightly project tasks. One task might be scoping the data inputs and outputs from the system. We work collaboratively and iteratively with our client to define what data must go into the system to produce the reports each department will require. At the end of week one, we demo a prototype to our client and check to make sure we’ve got the data component right. If our client says “no, that’s not the swing we ordered. We want a tyre on a rope” we can reconfigure the prototype. Using this approach we catch any false assumptions early so they are not carried forward on the project. The feedback is passed on to the project team so they are clear on what is required to make adjustments and move on to the next step. The agile approach provides richer communication between Performio and our clients. It is a much more effective and efficient way of rolling out a commission management software project.

This just one simple example how and why we use the agile approach when we roll out Performio. I hope you found it useful.

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