Sales Force Diversity

How does your sales force match up to the diversity of our society?

I am sharing this article from Phil Ruthven at IBIS.

It’s a great read on where Australia is at demographically and the diverse ethnic mix of our society.

You can READ the article HERE.

Is your sales force broadly representative of this mix or is your company being represented by a sales force of people who fit a narrow mold?

Have you checked the children?

A graph that especially caught my eye was the generational mix.

If we assume that your sales force excludes Gen X and nearly all baby boomers … it means that the significant majority of your sales participants are likely to be from the ‘Net Generation’ (Gen Y). They have grown up and they are now moving through the ranks of sales and sales management.

A lot has been written about this generation. They are altruistic, more interested in career progression than money etc etc. I am skeptical on a lot of claims made by old people who have forgotten what they were like when they were younger.

But something that is undeniable about this generation is that they are indeed the ‘Net’ generation. These people in your sales force do not know a world without the internet. Many of them can’t remember a world without smartphones and social media.

They are conditioned to technology. To cite a classic TV advertisement from the 1980′s – they really do “expect high-performance” when it comes to technology, how they communicate and how they receive communication.

And yet we still have the majority of sales forces managing pay for performance programs using a variety of 1990s technologies – email, spreadsheets. Some still use paper.

What are you doing to engage the ‘Net Geners’ in your sales force?

And of course Gen X can remember a world of IBM 186 but their expectations are increasing all the time.

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