Modeling Sales Compensation Plans

Best Practice For Sales Compensation Forecasting

You’ve designed a new sales compensation plan for next year. Then, you get the call…

Your boss/ client/steering committee makes that inevitable request: “can you run the modeling on the new plans”?

Simple eh? Run a few scenarios, run a full calculation for the year?

Hang on, sounds like a lot of work. And, when it’s done, what does it prove?

And, what do you they really mean when they ask for “modeling”?

If don’t have the answers to these questions, then this webinar is for you!

Join modeling expert Dave Egloff from Transunion in Florida, USA and David Marshall, Melbourne (Australia, not Florida) to learn:

  • Modeling – What is it and why you should care?
  • What is a Monte Carlo Simulation – Why it’s a good idea for your next sales comp planning round
  • How to have a winning conversation with the CFO on modeling (and look like the superstar you are).

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