Is Sales Compensation Worth The Trouble?

David Marshall presents insight and practical tips on how to navigate the often troubled waters of sales commissions and incentives design and management.

Research consistently shows that almost 50% of sales directors believe their sales compensation plan is ineffective or falls shorts of expectations.

Meanwhile, authors like Alfie Kohn and Daniel Pink have questioned whether sales incentive programs can ever work – and in fact are detrimental to performance.

Confused? David Marshall will step you through the pros and cons of sales compensation and incentivize so that you will finish this webinar with a clear understanding of:

  • Why incentive compensation belongs in your sales force effectiveness strategy
  • The conditions under which incentives are ineffective
  • The importance of a clear pay for performance strategy and how you can set the course

You’ll leave the webinar with a clear game plan for how sales compensation should fit into your sales operation and you will be better equipped to handle those naysayers who reckon money is no longer a motivator.

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