Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce Integration helps convert opportunities into commission payments, seamlessly syncing all of your organization’s data.

Automate Sales Commissions In Salesforce

Performio is an ideal choice for Salesforce Sales Cloud customers who manage sales compensation with any of the following requirements:

  • Multiple data sources
  • Multiple Sales Compensation Plans
  • Various Performance Metrics
  • Complex Rules For Sales Crediting
  • Leaderboards
  • Ad hoc SPIFFs
  • Managing Quotas
  • EOM & EOY Reporting

Our Salesforce integration ensures Contact and Opportunity data integrity is retained within Sales Cloud, without compromising your security standards. Drive further ROI from your Salesforce investment because Performio will drive up user adoption. After all, serious salespeople love keeping tabs on their commissions!

Salesforce Opportunity Sync

Performio syncs all Opportunity data, including custom fields, product objects, and other related fields. You can automate the process for calculating commissions payable and pending commissions (e.g. reference the opportunity stage) in Performio without having to handle data files. Importantly, Performio provides all the additional tools you need to handle those crediting rules, tricky business rules, complicated plan calculations and more.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Performio provides Single Sign-On (SSO) access for Salesforce Sales Cloud users, available via the AppExchange. This allows users to access Performio within Salesforce. SSO helps reduce the number of passwords they’ll need to remember. It also ensures your security standards are maintained at the highest level set by your Salesforce Administrator.

User Integration

Synchronize your Salesforce Sales Cloud users to Performio and stop worrying about doubling up users and managing another user database. Even if your sales comp plans require additional attributes and date stamps, sync your Salesforce User Profile data into Performio to keep both systems perfectly aligned.

Lightning Fast Setup

Whether you’re a Salesforce beginner or a Trail Blazer, this setup is as simple as it gets. The built-in connector requires your Salesforce URL and Consumer Secret. For the Opportunity integration, you simply modify the standard Salesforce customer importer to capture your Opportunity field names. You can bring in custom fields by adding new fields to Performio’s Opportunity Table and updating the importer with the Salesforce Field Names. Pretty simple right? If you get stuck, contact our support team and we’ll help walk you through the process.

More Features

Task Manager

Never underestimate the power of a checklist. Performio provides the ability to document processes within the ICM administration interface.

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