Rules & Conditions

Automating unique rules for sales compensation plans


Do your sales compensation plans have many payout and attainment rules such as “hurdles” and “qualifiers”? If you are running Excel spreadsheets, these rules will look like nested IF/AND/OR statements.

Performio contains a rules and conditions module, which means you can create unique rule sets per Plan. These rules act as an overlay to the commission plans you have built in Performio.

Create An Unlimited Number Of Conditions

You can set up an enterprise-wide list of conditions in your Performio site. For example, you might set up terms such as “Sales Achievement is > 100%”, “NPS is < 30%”, “Total Weighted Achievement > Sales Achievement”, and so on. You can create a condition on any value in the schema.

Create Rulesets For Each Plan

Using your library of conditions, you can combine unique compensation rules. For example, if NPS < 30% is true AND Sales Achievement >100% is FALSE, then multiply Total Payable by 0.75.

There is no limit to the number of rules you can add to a Plan ruleset.

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